Brittany and Alex in book trailer

Brittany Ellis gets married to Alex Fuentes. She also goes by the nickname, Brit. Everyone thinks she has the perfect life, perfect boyfriend, and is simply perfect. Although, behind the scenes at her home, it's not like that. Poms Dancer Brittany Ellis lives on the north side of Fairfield with her workaholic dad, superficial mom, and disabled sister Shelley. At first she despised typical bad boy, Alex Fuentes, but when assigned as lab partners she feels an attraction towards him which threatens her reputation.


On the outside Brittany was bubbly, loyal, and some might say "perfect", though inside she was just a normal person who was tired of putting on a fake front. Her mother was very concerned with looks and appearances which led her to control Brittany's image and how she should dress and be. It is also shown she can be sassy, like when Alex is trying to flirt with her she always has a comeback. Brittany has a good heart and has hope for people even if they don't have it for theme selves. Also she is not a tatle-tale but some would think other wise. To Alex she is very gentle, soft, and fragile.

In Rules of Attraction, Brittany helps Carlos with something Alex can't, so she can also be very sisterly as also shown how she cares for her disabled sister Shelley. Brittany is also very giving when she gives Carlos a phone and lends him her car once.

In Chain Reaction, Brittany becomes a wife and a mother. She takes on a very protective mother bear role like not wanting her son to hear swear words. She is also very caring towards the two men in her life (her husband and her son).


Brittany is said to be very "hot" according to comments made in the book. She has white skin, large breasts, sexy legs, a plump upper lip (to which Brittany thinks is ugly but her best friend Sierra says otherwise), blonde hair, and is said to be wearing expensive designer clothes. She drives a Beemer which was gifted to her by her dad.


Alex Fuentes = husband

Paco Fuentes = son with Alex

Unborn/Unnamed child = with Alex

Bill Ellis = father

Patricia Ellis = mother

Shelley Ellis = older sister

Lorena Fuentes = mother-in-law

Mr. Fuentes (deceased) = father-in-law

Carlos Fuentes = brother-in-law

Kiara Westford = sister-in-law, via Carlos

Cecilia Fuentes = Carlos and Kiara's daughter, Brittany's niece

2 Unnamed nieces = Carlos and Kiara's daughters

Luis Fuentes = brother-in-law

Nikki Cruz = sister-in-law, via Luis

Enrique, Juan and Luis Junior (Junior) Fuentes = Luis and Nikki's sons, Brittany's nephews

Ceaser Reyes = stepfather-in-law


Alex Fuentes = husband, best friend

Sierra = best friend

Isabel (Isa) Avila = friend

Paco (deceased) = friend

Doug Thompson = friend

Darlene = ex-friend, ex-pom pom mate, enemy

Colin Adams = ex-boyfriend, enemy

Carmen Sanchez = enemy